Okay GD, I am gonna be real here. I just failed a security exam

This was the last exam for this course and we covered a shitload of material on IPSec, SSL, kernelrootkits, SQL injections, "Stack smashing".... had multiple chapters assigned to us from over 4 different books to read and master and a journal article. I spent nonstop disgusting amounts of time studying this all. Disgusting amounts of time. In fact I went out of my way to make my own virtual lab and tried out these things. I created a virus that went into the masterboot record and took over, I steathily hid a kernel rootkit into one of my virtual machines, I installed on my virtual machines a non promiscuous backdoor and other things. I went to (can't link here) various websites about javascriptinsecurity and CXX and I just did so much. None of that was on today's exam. None. I sat there stupidied and thrown off so hard that I know I did shit on the exam. It was all old material, I aced the first 3 questions in minutes- aced them. Then I was so thrown off I got dizzy and faint. I litearlly am sitting right now in an AI lecture about to burst into tears. I can't get a boyfriend, I can't get an internship, and I just failed my security exam. I feel like such a failure right now- I just feel absolutely miserable. I just want to quit. This is just... ugh. Painful. Really hurting right now. After all that effort, all that fucking effort... nothing. UGH. UGH! UGGGH! Now I may fail the class cause the class average is all honors students. Fuck, FUCK. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
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