Can we have an AD/crit item besides infinity edge and essence reaver?

Because 5 infinity edges/essence reavers is pretty troll, but it's the only way to get 100% crit without building attack speed. There is actually a lack of AD/crit items since the stat has been removed from Ghostblade and Trinity Force. I suggest: The Equalizer +70 AD (equal to infinity/essence assuming the buff goes through). +20% critical strike chance Unique - One Hundred Percent: Gain an additional 20% critical strike chance if you already have at least 80% critical strike chance You could hit 100% with IE/reaver/equalizer + one more IE/reaver/equalizer (pure AD build), or you could go IE/reaver/shiv/equalizer (one attack speed item burst build). People this would actually be viable on: People like {{champion:86}} , or even {{champion:11}} if you are super fed and just want to one-shot people with your Q + auto combo. I'm sure even casters like {{champion:15}} and {{champion:236}} could have fun with something like this if they were ahead. I think forcing you to get at least 80% (100% total after passive) is better than doing something like "gain an additional 2.5% per 10%" because it would prevent certain balance issues such as going IE/shiv/equalizer and then building nothing else, having a super high crit build with minimal crit items.[/img]
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