so i was just harassed by people for trying to do morde adc

one of them admitted he was a raf smurf my sup tried to roam jg we had a cait trying to take my adc all while they blame me and call me toxic then leona intent feeds, cait goes top leona stops feeding then when theresa good engage or a fight in our favor, she dips out and says "im not helping him" gnar and cait follow suit now im like 1/12/3 im raging so hard not trying to get myself banned over the REAL toxic gamers then it goes further "im muting morde hes toxic" wow im toxic now?? then it happens the LB, whom i was telling im gonna honor for ACTUALLY helping talks for the first time i dont remember exactly what she said but she told me "youve been raging all game" because i was mad at these hooligan teenagers ruining my experience im now sitting here wondering when im gonna be banned, because ive been banned like this two different times all the other games today were fine but get trolled in one game and get MAD about it? TROLL DOUBLE WINS! he got a rise AND NOW YOU'RE BANNED the best part is when half way through the game they start using emoticons and positive words to each other to convince themselves AND each other they arent toxic
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