I've met -- in person -- more girls through Pokémon Go than I have through Tinder

So I was on my way home from work and I stopped by the triple PokéStop spot at the bus station where I get off the bus to walk home, and there were these 2 really cute Asian girls there talking to some other people about Pokémon Go. I was standing nearby to be able to be close enough to tag all 3 PokéStops when I went on PokéVision and discovered there was a Charmander not too far away that had just spawned. I told them about the Charmander and they looked at me very excitedly and said "where?!" and then we all went on the hunt for it. It was a pretty small group, and only me and one of the girls ended up catching it (really low CP, but I had chosen Pikachu as my starter so I didn't have a Charmander yet, so yay for me) and then we just hung out for a bit and went on a sort of mini Pokémon journey. It was pretty fun and was finally a way for me to break out of my comfort zone and actually talk to people when I otherwise wouldn't have. I may run into them again, since they live pretty close to me and frequent that spot. Yay!
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