I know GD is going to hate, but Shaco needs some love

Shaco's been considered overall a pretty weak pick for a while now. While he still has the potential to snowball if he manages to get his early game in, he offers little to nothing in teamfights and lategame, and if he doesn't manage to snowball early game he's pretty much a walking free kill. It's 2016 and his clone still operates on AI from 2011 and is incredibly buggy {{champion:107}} is literally a better version of him in almost every way, including teamfights. {{champion:64}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:104}} and pretty much any other popular jungler can completely outduel him, making Shaco's normal counterjungling nightmarishly more difficult And let's not forget that sometimes his ult shares recieved damage with him so if you kill it he just implodes. I realize Shaco is not too popular with the community, but can he get a little bit of love to put him on par with other assassins and junglers? I'm not asking for him to be the best, but I'd like to at least see him have some sort of edge to him.
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