Why do people give generation 5 pokemon so much shit?

People say that the newer pokemon designs suck, but let's be real some gen 5 pokemon like krookodile, samurott, and eelektross look awesome as well as have good stats and moves. Not to mention that the storyline of b/w 1 was deep. Team plasma wasn't seen as pure evil because they had legitimate intentions, that is until ghetsis comes and ruins it at the very end. You also have 2 rivals, how cool is that? B/w 2 were the only games with a challenge mode built in, so it gave a challenge to hardcore gamers. It also had really good postgame. Gen 6 and gen 7 really lowered the difficulty so much. Also gen 5 was the first generation to introduce unlimited tm usage. Also gen 5 competitive was way better than gen 6/7 competitive, although I would say gen 4 competitive was the best due to the lack of power creep. Also, it was really easy to train up a new pokemon because of the exp system giving high exp if you are low level.
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