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Ive been silver for... 4 seasons? Might be because I have quit on more than 1 occasion (not because i don't enjoy the game) or might be because I am just not a good enough player to climb. I have been in gold promos a few times and haven't played ranked since around march. Mostly due to moving around so much because of my job. I cs well and win my lane a lot but I do nearly 0 things to help my other lanes get ahead once i'm ahead. I ward more than my share and pay attention to the minimap. I make horrible decisions when it comes to team fighting such as "well those 4 enemies are low health and i'm 90% hp so i could probably 1v4. I KNOW i can't especially when it comes to cc but hey.. I was always a fan of superman. I take the first dragon when im jungling around 20 minutes even though there was plenty of time early game. I don't push towers like I should even though I see the opportunities to do so. I play champs that arent in the meta like during the tank meta my favorite champ was shaco. I play a lot of champions but focus on a select few I am trying to get better at. I give up kills not taking into account the minion wave or just not being mechanically skilled enough to out play someone. It sucks and i'd love to be in diamond or even platinum but the truth is... I'm silver. Right where I belong. Just Venting. Sincerely... A silver player who can't 1v2 bronze 5 players.
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