How do you get over someone?

Not gonna lie, I haven't had too many relationships and the ones I did have in the past weren't that serious... mainly they were just for fun. So basically me and this girl broke up and I am kinda tore up about it 3 days later. We only have been dating for about 3 months, but it was much more serious than previous relationships so I expected to have her around for a while. I still have the stuff she's gave me, because she has gotten pissed at me and broken up but came back later (once was 2 days later, the other was like a week). So I am still kinda in limbo thinking she is going to come back again, even though there is a good chance she is not. I figured out the main reason is because her fat as fuck best friend has been constantly telling her to stay away from me for some reason, even though I have never met her. So like, what do I do? Throw away her shit and literally forget about her? Or do I stay in the current state sorta waiting for her to come back? The reasons we are having issues is because we are currently long distance because she got a job for the summer. We got along perfectly when we were with each other, so I am trying to make it work until she gets back, if she decides to talk to me again lol.
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