Super Duper Ultra High Tension!!...animu/waifu thread

You might be thinking wtf is wrong with that title well Its the title of a song im posting today so don't worry but hell we wont be having any Super Duper Ultra High Tension image as far as i know , good news are that im going to post images and bad news are well there are not bad news at all or at least not that i know Unless you want to cry about what happened recently and all i have to say about that is just give it some time and lets see what happens but that doesnt really matter right now What matters right now is that i found a fucking amazing Trump GIF also that i Nanbaka is weird af and that i fucking love ViViD Strike and its not because of the grills, its because i love watching shitty characters hitting each other and i know that sounds crazy but i just cant... You should probably forget that last part i mean it does sound weird but yes lets not talk about that, instead lets talk about how cool this image looks because some people can relate or something like least the Designated Driver can relate lovely And now MUSIC TIME!! Super Duper Ultra High Tension!! and others you can hear the saying what the fuck!! in this one
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