This is an outrage: why isn't Kalista hot!?

Seriously Riot...why does every female champ have to be unattractive? Every non-male champion we've gotten for the passed few *years* has either been flat, ugly, or a man in disguise. Meanwhile, the male champions have all been very appealing to females (and gay dudes) - just in 2014! Vel'Koz? Look at those tentacles, and we all know how chicks feel about tentacles - just look at Japan. Braum?? A huge muscular Alpha with a heart of gold? Female leaguers are wet just thinking about the words muscle and gold in the same sentence, let alone the same male. And what have straight males gotten in return? 2014: ;_; 2013: Quinn - "She" should visit Thailand and learn how to put on makeup properly at least Jinx - Not sexy, but she's cute to some- you know, the type who likes the idea of getting shot in the crotch for fun 2012: Zyra - Hardly counts. I would be horrified to see the bush she's hiding Sejuani - Riot forced her to get an operation...she prefers the name Ron now. Elise - Better, but still monstrous and best avoided. Ever hear that Iggy Azalea song they play over and over? Diana - Big D doesn't mess with the D and will more than likely chop it off. Syndra - FINALLY - She's a butterface but whatever at this point We have to go all the way back to 2012 just to find some decent TnA? What is this nonsense? I demand Riot return to its roots- to the glory days! Remember pics like this, GD?
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