TFT - Want more characters like Jinx and more then 9 bench slots

Here is why I think you need more then 9 bench slots/for the characters waiting to be played. The reason is simple since in mid to late game TFT when you might have up to 10 characters on the field, it becomes nearly impossible to level anyone up anymore, because you have more players on the field then you do possible spots for their level ups.... To explain further when you have lvl 2 waiting on lvl 3 upgraded champs maybe dont have so many of the same character on the bench? Because waiting on that lvl 3 champ takes up all your bench slots... if your waiting to lvl up 3 or even 4 characters you cant because all your bench spots are totally full. So you have to sell potential level up characters you already have on the field, to try and get a different character you also already have on the field... So instead of maybe getting that lvl 3 lulu/whatever you have to just stick with a lvl 2 lulu to make room on your bench just to see if you can get that lvl 3 * WarWick/whatever instead... Alternative: if the 9 bench spots/squares on the bottom of the screen cant be increased.. Then can your characters on the field, that are being played already.. Just perhaps change color slightly when you continue to stack up cards/approach that lvl 3* instead of additional copies taking up all your bench spots... I look forward to even more characters in game like jinx... In which case it would become even more difficult to lvl up * when there are even more characters to pick from... So I really think there needs to be an update on how you can reach those final levels on the characters being played on the field... Perhaps even lvl *4 would be possible if the color change option is also applied. Or since characters get bigger why dont they just get a little bit bigger every time you add a new card after lvl 2 * .. that way you dont have a lvl 2 or maybe even lvl 3 same exact character sitting on the bench... This is reposted ultimately when there are 10 on the field and you only have 9 bench spots... and 7 or more of those bench spots are just copies of the same characters you already have on the field is a fail.. When you need 9 of 1 same character to get final upgrade
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