Units cost Bug

This have been happening to me several time through the last 2 weeks, and i dont know if that happens to other players as well. Sometimes when you buy a unit, the game takes more gold from you than the price of the unit, on my last game, the game took from me 6 gold for an akali. The reverse is bugged as well, when selling units, specifically 2 star and 3 star units, the game grants me less gold than intended, i dont know if the game is coded to give you less gold than the combined cost of the parts of the selled unit, but it gives me 4 gold for a 2c 2 star unit, and 5 or 6 for a 3c 2 star unit. I dont know how to test this aside from playing the game normally and watch how many gold the game tooks from you when you buy units, and how much gold you get after selling combined units.

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