Spatula-esque items not dropping off of certain Champions

When playing a round of Teamfight Tactics, I obtained both a spatula and giant's belt. The giants belt was on my Ashe, and the spatula was in my inventory once I had sold my Mordekaiser. I placed the spatula on my Ashe, because I had done so in previous games, and the item "Frozen Mallet" drops off Ashe and returns to inventory, as Ashe is already a Glacial and the passive effect of "Frozen Mallet" is to give the wearer the attributes of a Glacial. However, the item did not drop off, and Ashe was stuck with a Frozen Mallet until I eventually sold her. The item did drop off after I had sold her however. After informing other players in the Beta game, they too had mentioned this supposed glitch happening in their games as well.

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