Unit has spatula item without having the item

So basically what happens is that you put a spatula item on a unit, say an Aatrox and make him Glacial. Then you sell the Aatrox with the Glacial buff on it to put it on someone else. This puts an Aatrox with the Glacial trait back into the pool of units in the shop. One of the Aatrox's in the shop will now also be Glacial. Someone else can pick this up, or you could pick it up again. Say you then put the Glacial on an Evelynn, and decide that you want more demons, so you pick up Aatrox's again. One of the Aatrox's in the shop will also be Glacial. You'll end up with a Glacial Eve & Glacial Aatrox with only 1 Spatula item. This can be abused in the super late game to get multiple units with spatula items.
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