Guardian Angel and Shapeshifters!

I played a lot of TFT ranked games, and I mean a LOT. There are so many things that bothers me in the game but I wanna focus on one particular interaction that happens between {{item:3026}} and {{champion:60}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:50}}. GA sometimes revive some of them while shapeshifted already, and sometimes not! It happened to me just a few minutes ago when the enemy team had a {{champion:76}} with {{item:3026}}. I killed her, but she revived already transformed and still had the Wild buff on her. Same thing happened with {{champion:50}} a few days ago. He died mid ult but when he revived, he continued the rest of his ult then went back to normal. But when I played Shapeshifters, especially by stacking {{champion:102}} and {{champion:150}} and giving them {{item:3026}}, they never, and I mean NEVER, revive already transformed. They always revive in their initial form, with 0 mana, and have to build up mana again to transform again. But here is the weird part about {{champion:150}} and {{champion:102}}: If I put {{item:3124}} on them while having {{item:3026}}, if they die, they will revive like I said earlier but, after the 1st auto attack they do, they transform immediately! So can a Rioter please explain how the interaction between {{item:3026}} and the Shapeshifters is supposed to work? And what's going on with all this junky reviving differences between them, atm? This must be a bug, right?
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