Keys, Chests and Tokens

Hi everyone, I know this isn't the finished version of the client, so I know for sure they will implement it, but why can't we earn keys, chests and tokens on the alpha? About the tokens once I earned one in the alpha but it didn't display, however I found it on the 'old client'. Still, I've never received a key or won a chest. I know we wouldn't be able to open them on the 'work on progress' client atm but the simple fact that we can earn them would make playing on the alpha a lot better. Sometimes I don't use the alpha client just because i'm afraid that i'm 'loosing' possible keys. (If everybody did earn keys and chest, and the tokens showed normally, then I guess I'm unlucky and my client is bugged, if not, i think this is not an urgent question but it would improove my time on the alpha client). I repeat, I know this is a work in progress and that in the future there will be crafting on the new client, but the possibility of earn content now would really make the time spent on the alpha worth. Thanks for the attention, here a poro snack :3 {{item:2052}}
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