Mastery Selection bugged?

I've already submitted a bug report, but wanted to ask if anyone else has been seeing this happen. So I started out in ARAM for the first game on this new client. After a few queue pops, I finally go into game and got Nami... then traded for Nidalee. ... So I go and select my AP mastery page. I should note I also have a tank rune page because it's the first page I started with.. and almost all champs can benefit from tankish runes. This is where it gets buggy... when I join the game, I notice my keystone mastery is Grasp of the Undying. :( Next game I get Tristana, I select my relevant masteries for her, my Jinx page... and... **_Grasp of the Undying_**. It keeps selecting my tank mastery page! I can't seem to find out why. :( Is it because I have a rune page with "Tank" in the name, too?
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