The new Alpha client is WAY too heavy on low end PCs.

So first off, I like the new clients looks and design, it's great and all but the animations cause my CPU usage to reach 80% at times! Even if I have a low end PC, I should still be able to run a window that is mainly only supposed to START the game... I've tried using the "disable animations" option, but nothing changes. I've also gotten kicked out of champ select once, because it was so laggy that I couldn't even ban a champ! I even experience lag while simply browsing the client. On the old "legacy" client my CPU usage would only reach 30% at worst, which is still fairly high, but going from 30% to 80% is a ridiculous increase. I also noticed that when you start a game, the Alpha client doesn't even minimize like the legacy client would. This causes in-game lag as well. So Riot, if u see this, PLEASE try to do something about it, it's gotten to the point where I can't even be bothered playing my favorite game anymore, because of this new laggy client. {{summoner:3}} {{item:3070}}
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