Halp! My alpha desktop icon is missing

**Update - 11/27: **Hey guys, this issue should now be fixed and next time you launch League, you'll be prompted to update your desktop icon. This also means using the updated desktop icon will directly launch the updated client without having to go through the old patcher. Please let us know if you're still having issues with your desktop icon. *** Hey guys, we've discovered an issue with User Access Control on Windows (the pop up thing that asks you for confirmation whenever you make a change) that is preventing the alpha client from updating the alpha desktop icon which ends up just removing it from your desktop. (legacy icon is not affected) So after updating your alpha client to 6.22, you may have noticed that your icon is missing from your desktop. This will be fixed once we go to open beta (soon) but in the meantime, the workaround is locating the LeagueClient executable in your install folder and creating a new shortcut for alpha from there. Apologies for not catching this sooner T_T **IMPORTANT: **_Please do not try to uninstall or reinstall alpha or delete any files from your League of Legends install folder. This will cause bugsplats and will require you to reinstall legacy client and alpha from scratch._
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