Mac Client Will Not Open

Please help Riot. I have been searching the boards for over a week now and still don't have a reliable solution. When I click on the icon for League, the application startup will appear, bounce once, then disappear. This issue was huge in late 2013 early 2014 when the issue was with the UserKernel but that is not the issue currently. I have looked at the recent pins to the boards saying to not have the application in the TaskBar when you want to use it. I do not keep mine there. Another solution is to turn the computer off and back on again, still no luck consistently though it does work every once in a while. I have redownloaded the app 3 times now and no luck, the problem persists. I have tried using both the alpha and beta clients. I have tried to force open the application, taken down the firewall, start it from command, and securely open it. I am getting very tired of this issue and don't know why it has taken this long for anyone to even notice it.
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