If you haven't already been forced to download the new launcher (the one where your login is on the right side and not the left), DO NOT DO SO IF YOU HAVE THE CHOICE NOT TO! It is essentially a virus. I have been crashing non-stop during game-play that are creating HUGE memory dumps and aren't BugSplat reports. League isn't letting me use Discord or any other program when running it, which is malicious and hinders communication efforts. AND, after crashing one time and trying to click on "Reconnect" to get back into game, clicking that button brought up a Maple Story 2 page on Microsoft Edge. Explain that one to me, please... Before anyone states that I probably downloaded this supposed virus from something else, here's my preface: I played League before this with the launcher we all know and love being the one installed a week ago and I never had a single crash or any other problem. After that, I took a week-long break to play a new Nintendo Switch game. I come back early this morning (around 3:00 AM, EST) and it installs the new launcher. This is the ONLY thing that has been installed on this computer in a week. First game I play, I crash three times, only one of which opens up BugSplat. There has LITERALLY been nothing else installed on this computer other than the new launcher. Now, I cannot for the life of me figure out how the launcher would affect the main game client, but it is the only new thing on my computer (as it's been turned off for a week, too), so there's nothing else I can contribute it to. Now, I may be jumping to conclusions, but since there's now a system error with me logging into Riot's support site (different computer, so probably not related to this supposed virus), I can't get any indication at all from Riot what it might actually be. Now, if you don't have the option to avoid this install, I'm not going to tell you to stop playing League, as that's not what I'm about, but I would encourage you to thoroughly investigate your computer, client, account, etc., after its installation to make sure that nothing else came with it. I'm not a computer expert, so I can't pinpoint what's causing all of these problems exactly, but my only lead is this new launcher. I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but I just wanted to put the notice out there. And again, before you say that I downloaded something else that did this, please re-read what I stated earlier. I cannot stress enough that this has been the only new thing on my computer since its first been turned on in a week, where the last iteration of me playing League had no issues a week earlier.
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