Thoughts on the .03 Update

Good afternoon, everyone. (Evening, morning? Whatever it is in your timezone at the moment). I just wanted to provide a little bit of feedback on the new collection section that's been added with the .03 update. I sent in my feedback for .02 directly through the client but I thought it might be nice to share my thoughts and also see what other people might have to say. **Keep in mind this is my personal opinion. ** Anyway, let's begin. **Champions** I'm honestly not sure if it's a bug or hasn't been implemented yet but I would like to point it anyway. On the legacy client, when I reorder my champions (changing them from alphabetical order to highest mastery, which I prefer) it stays that way. In the alpha client, it goes back to being in alphabetical order. This usually occurs if I leave the collection tab. For example, if I go to the home page or profile, the order will reset. If I stay in the collection tab, browsing masteries and rune pages, they will stay in the order I chose. It was just nice not having them constantly reset and stay in my preferred order. Again, I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but I rather liked the feature. **Spells** It looks lovely. I like that the video takes up the whole client although it would be nice if we had to hit the play button instead of it auto playing. My logic behind that is it makes a little bit more sense for people to read what it says first (at least newer players) and understand how the spell works _then_ see the animation/effect for it. Maybe it's because that's just how my brain works. **Runes** I like it; it looks nice and sleek. I love that I can reorganise my rune page order. I was really hoping you guys would add that. Thank you very much for doing that. My only concern about this is the "edit" button for the name of the rune pages. The one for masteries is on the right of the page name and the one for rune pages is on the left. I think it would be a lot easier if they were both on the same side. That's the only concern with that section, though. (The runes look really pretty by the way). **Masteries** This is where I have a few issues. I like being able to reorganise the rune pages, I think it would be nice if we could do that for masteries as well. When you have more than 2 or 3 pages, it's a little difficult to try and build them from the ground up to get them in your preferred order. Let's not forget that new champions are being added and people also pick up new champs along the way as well. So it's just nice having the freedom to reorder the pages as you please. My other issue is the lack of distinction between the selected mastery and the other masteries. In the legacy client, the mastery you select for a certain tier is in colour while the rest are greyed out. It makes it a lot easier to distinguish between which ones you have selected and which one you haven't. It isn't as easy in the new client since the biggest difference is in the little border around the icons. [Legacy Client Masteries]( [Alpha Client Masteries]( There's also the empty space at the bottom of the alpha client mastery page. That's all for now. Feel free to share your thoughts below. ~ RedStarLights

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