@RIOT: going back to legacy

Dear Riot, Ever since the transition to alpha client, I've had consistent issues with starting the game. Specifically, after champion select is ended, the game client would fail to launch. The "game screen" will be all black instead of showing champion cards and the mouse curser will change from the "loading icon" to regular mouse icon. Then one of those things happen - either the loader exits and I am returned to the client with a "reconnect" button active (which causes the problem to repeat) or the client is stuck in this position. from there it takes closing the game client, closing all lol processes and relaunching to have a 50% chance of getting into game. As I have now been moved to LPQ due to this problem, I am switching to the legacy client. Please ask me specific questions about this bug so I can assist in identifying the problem. I am using windows 7. My CPU is intel i5-3470, my graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GT640.
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