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1) The new accept circle for accepting a queue makes it feel like the time to accept is much shorter, because it looks like the time-remaining bar moves much quicker, not sure if on purpose 2) Editing masteries takes much longer, as clicking the desired mastery too fast will not accept the input, meaning you have to wait a second between each click, so changing them takes much longer. 3) Bug: A while ago I got a key fragment, and then closed the client. Ever since, upon opening the client, it gives me the "you have earned a key fragment" notice, even though I've already combined it into a full key and used it 4) It would be nice to see the champions a friend has available, so I could suggest to my new friends who they should play 5) Skin selection could use some work, should show what skins are owned first, maybe have multiple rows for easier viewing 6) Not sure if due to the client, but my settings reset every time I get in game.
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