Disconnected from ranked loading screen

I've played a few games earlier today perfectly fine but just a moment ago at around 6:15 Pm i got a notification saying my internet wasn't working. So i ran down stairs to connect to the ether net but then it kept coming up so i quit out of league and reopened it. In that time the loading screen popped right back up but quit out of it's self because i had no client open. Then when i signed back the game was already surrendered because of the first 5 minutes afk vote. Really? These are for my promos in solo/duo que and i get a lose because of a bug. If there's anyway that game can not be counted in my promo's that would be great because i feel like that's not fair. I feel like there should be more ways for losses to be prevented like if enough people report someone for clearly intentionally feeding the enemy and saying "honor me for giving you guys the win" or if you have connection errors that are clearly affecting other players to. And i know it would probably be super unrealistic to manage a system like that but come on. I think trying to do everything you can to get back into a game and finding out it's already over because of an issue you can't control is easily one of the most frustrating things possible.
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