Mid-game loss of auto-attacking

This has happened to me three times. I know that tonight and last week were both games with Neeko in it on the other team. I *think* the first time was also with Neeko on the other team. I do NOT know if this is caused by Neeko spaghetti code or not. Mid-game, on three occasions, I lost my auto attacking or the ability to use any ability that required right-clicking. This happens mid-game and no settings are being changed when this happens. I can still move with right clicking. but all auto attacks (including attack move click) or right clicking to auto are suddenly lost. Each time, the only cure for it was to hard-quit the game all the way, then re-open league and reconnect to the game I had afk'ed. Has anyone else had this bug and if so, is it Neeko related? Does anyone have a solution other than a mid-game hard-close and rebooting of LoL?
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