Just a daily reminder that club functionality is still a hot garbage fire

My nunu and willump main club has been at 100 members for a while now, this means that whenever i get new requests i have to go through the club roster and remove inactive members, which leads me to my problem WHY IS THE FUNCTIONALITY SO WAEOTHWAPOET38+9PÅ8WEHÅ0TGJE¨PG0 M GARBAGE????? There is no way to sort members other than different variations of aphabetically. You cant sort members by activity which would make removing inactive members a lot easier. "No, no that would be too easy" said head rioter in charge of client who apparently missed the day in design school about form following function I have to go through manually and type in, yes you read that correctly TYPE IN in each members name into search bar. I cant right click to view profile or even copy paste. This means that if the summoner has a fancy character in their name you cant find you just have to guess if they active. I CANT EVEN COPY PASTE THEIR NAME IN TO SEARCH BAR Why do i have to play where's waldo with my own club roster to find the guy who hasnt played since 2017??? as someone with a interactive design education the client and especially the club functionality makes me physically ill I hope next season they do a hard reboot and start clubs over from scratch with a user interface YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE. FFS general chat rooms had better functionality. How do you mess something up this hard and do nothing to fix it for so long? Ithought this was suppose to be a social game I dont really know what i hope to accoplish with this thread other than hard shaming whatever braindead degenerate that designed said club system with negative fuctionality in mind. I'm off to go look through 100 members individually. A task that should take 30s will probably take me close to 30 minutes *DING*DING*DING* **SHAME** *DING*DING*DING*

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