Workaround for launching the legacy client

Hey guys, there are currently two ways to go back to the legacy client if you're having issues with the updated client. **This should also fix the issue where your updated client is failing to launch and all you see is an empty black/blue box.** 1- On the login screen of the updated client, click on the "Launch Legacy Client". - [image]( 2- If you're running into issues launching the updated client and thus cannot click on the "Launch Legacy Client". Follow these steps: - Go to your League of Legends install folder. Default is (C:\Riot Games\League of Legends) go to \RADS\system - Locate the user.cfg file and open with notepad - Change leagueClientOptIn = yes to leagueClientOptIn = no - Save and go to your League install directory and run lol.launcher.exe Please help us investigate this issue by [**submitting your logs.**](
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