Not Liking Windowed Mode

I was displeased to see that I was affected by the GPU issue. I was irritated when I was busted by leaver buster because of it. I was upset to see that I lost 22 LP in the exchange as well. I could care less about your policy defense on leaver buster, none of this was my doing. I am very dissatisfied with the windowed game mode. I have tried several resolutions; however, there are components that are cut off the screen. Namely, the bottom portion of the mini map is clipped. The background of my desktop being displayed while I am in game throws me off. This makes ranked unplayable for me. I am unable to stretch the window to the size of my desktop, the window appears to be fixed dialog. I'll stick with ARAM's for now, but I am not happy about it. I call foul. That is all on you Riot.

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