Where "Item Sets" tab & available chest !!!

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سؤال للناس اللى جالها الالفا كلاينت يا جماعة 1- هو مفيش Item Set زى اللى موجودة فى الكلاينت العادى ولو فيه اجيبها منين 2- اجيب منين فى الكلاينت الجديد...
hi i'm 1 of many players who used "item set" to make playing easier during the game always use my "item set" ..but i didnt found this option in the new alpha client hope u RIOT add it soon bcoz its so annoying 4 a player who get used to use it .. to start searching for items he want during game another thing where can i find "next chest available in ....." which explain how many chest i can earn if i get rank S into the game
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