My entire review of the Alpha client so far

Hey everyone, i thought I'd give my full list on everything i like and dislike about certain aspects of the Alpha client from opening the program, to closing after a game. And before anyone says anything about my notes, they're my personal opinion. Just trying to give the most feedback possible. ( ++ means positive feature, -- means feature that i think needs improving) **TL;DR at the end.** **_The login screen_** ++ Login screen looks sleek but basic, not that it needs to be anything fancy. Considering its main purpose is to simply log in, I have no issues with it. **_First screen_** This is the screen where you can report bugs, submit feedback, etc. Ignoring those things (because they are most likely to be removed once its no longer in Alpha); ++ I like the idea of the tabs at the top for News/Store/profile at the top of the screen. -- The 'Play Button' its a nice feature, but i dont think it should instantly put you into a lobby without prompting which game type you want to join. Or maybe have the option to preset which game type it will put you into, so when you hit 'Play', it put you into whichever game type you had preset. -- I'm not sure i like where the IP/RP is placed. Maybe I dont like the fact that it doesn't have its own box. It also seems to be a little too small of text for my liking. It is readable, but a few font sizes increase would be nice. **_Friends list/Chat_** ++I really enjoy when a player logs in, their name passes all the rest to get to the top, instead of just appearing out of thin air like in the current client. ++ I like how it reacts when you hover over a friend, but i do hope something is added in the background of the popup. Maybe a splash of their most recent played champion? not sure. Also, i hope their rank (bronze,silver,gold etc) is changed from the text, to the badge again. Or maybe a combination of both. I also think if you do add the badge, you could add their last seasons rank badge beside it too. ++ Font is nice, size is nice. Looks sleek and bright. -- Little coloured bubbles beside their icon is kind of hard to differentiate at times. Not sure how to improve upon it, but its something ive noticed. ++ Chat window is a HUGE improvement for me. I didnt like having the bars along the bottom of private messages. Sometimes i would accidentally close it, and forget who i was talking to. ++ talking in lobby chat, while being in other screens. (shop/profile/etc.) -- It might be me missing the sound or something, but i'm almost completely unaware when i get a new message. Second, I dislike how if you get a new message, it doesn't pop to the top of the list in the chat. -- The colour scheme looks too grey for me. brighten things up a tad maybe? -- Minor thing, but im picky. I dislike how the friends list blocks half the "Find Match" button while you're in a lobby. My suggestion is to move it up above the players, kinda near where the invite button is. -- Dislike how the 'options' button isnt a cog. Also, the search shouldnt be called 'filter' in my opinion. -- Should be able to right click on the players name in the chat window, to remove them/block/invite to game. Would make it more convenient for players with a lot of friends. -- Sounds are super quiet, but if they were made louder, the high pitched noise may become annoying. **_Profile Page_** (Low ELO support main struggles. RIP Solo/duo queue) ++ First off, The champion splash in the back is very fancy. But i think it should show off champions that you've EARNED that fanciness. Maybe make players have to earn their mastery 6/7 with that champion and be able to switch out to who you've unlocked. I get that it may be a lot of champions later on, but right now i think its on which champion you've played a lot of recently? Either way, cool feature. ++ I like the layouts of where everything is. ++ overall, very polished screen. **_Game lobby/Game Selector_** ++ Good placements for everything. ++ I like how the suggested changes when people log on/off. -- Looks bland compared to how Dynamic looks. But this is alpha, so i'll let you off with a warning. ++ Game selector screen looks interesting, and is a awesome twist on the old way of selecting game modes. ++ sounds are good. Good volume level. **_Queue Pop_** ++ Looks super fancy. ++ Hot damn, its huge! -- The sound has something wrong with it that i dont like. But i cant put my finger on what exactly. -- Dont like how you can't see how long until the timer expires after you accept. -- Still dont like how you cant see if someone denies or how many people haven't accepted, but I dont mind too much. **_Champ Select_** ++ Loving all the random champion pick sound effects (picking thresh and hearing that Oh-so-satisfying Q sound.) ++ Fits the rest of the client, theme is on point. -- Not sure if this has been changed, or a bug. But selecting a champions skin, sometimes there would be a space between the default and the last skin in the set. That gap felt and looked awkward. --/++ Feels incidental. -- Let me buy skins from champ select again. I've impulse bought more skins from the champ select screen than i have from shop. ++ i like the category filter near the search bar. **_Post-Game_** (not mine, borrowed from Alpha client news) -- Dont remember seeing the report players button. ++ I like the 'advanced details' button ++/-- Screen does as its intended. however it seems like its missing some things. I dont know what, but this screen could have some new features added. **_Logout_** --Logout occasionally freezes and doesnt close the client for a minute or two. -- Does not include 'uninstall' option from in client. TL;DR Login screen - 8/10, Looks cool. Does what it needs to. First screen - 7/10, Fancy, good idea. Cant wait to see finished. Friends list - 8.5/10, A lot of good changes, but a few things bother me. Profile page - ?/10, Great idea with the champ splash, but looks empty. Game lobby/game selector - 9.5/10. No comment. Queue Pop - 9/10, The sound/music thats playing is a bit weird. Champ select - 7/10, sounds cool. Feels identical. Post game - 7/10, Feels identical, feels like it needs some Pizazz. Logout - 10/10, would log out again. **Overall** - Feels like its missing a few things from making it a great client 7.5/10. Took a while to write. <3 let me know what you think.
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