Reminder to Riot, the honor system is more than just broken, it's invisible.

Now, what I say here is most likely going to be biased, but seriously almost everything in the client has been given love and attention, except for the honor system. I find a lot of pride in trying to help improve the moral of games with silly jokes and a positive atmosphere for both teams. It's debatable on how much of a impact tilt has on a players gameplay, but it's often thrown around as a strategy to look at the enemy teams match history, and try to get somebody who hasn't been having a good day to DC, leading into a unfair fight. Doing the opposite however, trying have both teams have a good game has no defined reward however. You can probably see where I'm going with this. I'm going to try to wrap this up quickly so this post doesn't look like a eyesore, but the only reward for trying to be a honorable summoner is honor ribbons, and whens the last time you guys have seen one of those? If you only play ranked, that's most likely never, as you can't actually see them in draft pick. Same if you ever honor people or see that you've been honored. On the new client, you can't actually see them after a post game lobby. If I ever have a bad day myself I like to look at what other summoners thought of me for the past half an hour, and those little numbers on the top right of my screen always perk me up. Can you please do something to the honor system? Make it more visible, or do something with it please! I can't be the only one thinking these things.
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