Integrated In-Game/Out-of-Game Client Settings

You know what I want? What I really, really want? A more integrated and universal settings option. I want to be able to change my keyboard layout without having to load into a custom game. Maybe I wanna do something crazy, like put Flash on D or something. Or maybe I'd like to have the music/sfx in game play at the same level as out of game. Or perhaps I'd like to adjust the display settings of my game without having to do it in game. Or maybe I want to toggle off name bars out of game, because honestly I have no idea where that setting is and sometimes I just don't want to make a custom game to figure it all out. In fact, the only way to actually explore which options even exist in the in-game settings is through a custom game, because there's frankly a lot to go through. I've been playing for 6 years now and still probably couldn't tell you all the options (partly because it was remade not long ago, but that's beside the point). Frankly, it's kinda strange to begin with that there are two sets of options, IMO...
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