Some Preseason Feedback

Just a few things I feel like I should note. I'm not complaining, just want this preseason to be as good as it can be! \ ('u')/ 1. The new Ambient sounds in the client still plays when you get into game. Because the client stays open, so does the sound, and it can get a bit distracting while you're in the game. And turning it off requires turning off all ambient client sounds, including the "Match Ready" noise. 2. I'd like to see a way to check ALL the opponents runes during a match. I know Keystones are the big deal, and you can have a rough estimate of what they may have by checking their secondary rune page, but at the same time it'd be nice to check and be sure that your enemy has a Nullifying Orb before trying to do go all in with an AP champ. 3. A small QoL change could be to show your Rune Page's keystones while in champ select: Be able to tell at a glance to get a general idea of which page is which. 4. I was expecting all the Preseason store stuff to be on one page, but I guess there's some technical limitations to that? Still, I'd hate to realize "Wait, I could have gotten THAT?!" when the store closes. --- And I'll come back and edit this if more comes to mind. Still half-asleep at the moment. EDITS: 1. The "Show detailed descriptions" checkbox does not save when you leave the Rune Builder page. More of a bug report, really, because I swear it saved on the PBE.

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