Client wont re-open

I have this problem that happens like 2 - 3 times a month. My internet is considered good since I live in the middle east. Every once in a while, my internet DNS server goes down because the company behind it are lazy bunch. When my internet goes down and I exist the game. The game itself (not the client) freezes and stops responding. Of course my only option then is to use Task Manager. When the internet comes back and I attempt to open the client. It doesn't even open. There must be a programme that gives my laptop the assumption that the game is still open. Restarting my laptop does solve the problem, but it is a bother to keep on restarting my laptop every time the same thing happens. I have a bunch of programmes to set up (i.e. Razer Synapse to make sure my headphones audio can be heard correctly and other apps [They all take 30 min to be done]). What I want to know is what are all the programmes names I have to end in Task Manager so I can re-open the client (Excluding the ones named League of Legends since they are obvious and it doesn't solve the problem)? For example, I have 3+ background apps that are called Runtime Broker. Could it be one of them?
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