[Suggestion] New Notification Options

It is nice to have notifications, but what is even nicer is the ability to choose the ones you really want. I am fine with all of them being set on as default, but I would like the option to disable them: https://i.imgur.com/eXgSiwG.png **1. Disable queue notifications toasts** Removes pop-up messages like "a player left the queue" etc. I don't need these messages unless a team mate fails the ready check - that should still be turned on if I choose to disable queue notification toasts. **2. Disable mission updates after games** The notifications that notify me that I have finished certain missions after a game look nice, but they often stack and hinder me from having a nice post-game chat with my team and opponents - I do not like this at all. I want to get to the post-game chat A.S.A.P.!!! This is all fluff, so please let me disable it. If I am interested in my current mission status, I can just hit the quest tab. **3. Disable mission updates in UI** I dislike that my mission tab lights up and gets updated numbers for how many new missions I currently have. I only want a huge banner on my home page if there are themed missions, like the PROJECT missions - I do not want a constant reminder in addition. It is not helpful, it is just annoying. Please let me choose what I want to stay updated on, and make nice overviews like the PROJECT overview for themed and important missions. It was really helpful and looked good - KUDOS! I think that customization is key. The constant reminders remind me of bad mobile game UIs and obnoxious microtransactions, and that is not something I want in League of Legends - I would at least like to opt out :) I think you are constantly improving the UI, options and the game, and I am curious what kind of neat options and UI changes you will introduce next. -StigtriX

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