Alpha Client .12 Review

I just happened to get my hand on the new client, and even with the chat currently being disabled due to errors I still find myself really in awe of the design choice they have decided to go in. **Flaws so far: ** So far I have found to enjoy auto locking in 5/5 on masterys on the old client and found when fiddling around with the new mastery system I had to manually enter each point and the animations were still a bit dodgy. Secondly I didn't see much in a way of ranked teams information on my profile (there's currently a drop down menu but not much on stats yet, probably still in the works so I will forgive) Some of the images in the store were stretched tremendously due to the old client as well. **Praise so far:** So far I've come to love the new champion select -- the backbones are there while some of the animations are still to be implemented as shown in red posts, and by lord the animations teased are amazing I cannot wait. Loving the sound effects for banning champs so far (would love if kech would say something about "benching the kench" though) **Review score:** So far as it is still in alpha I cannot give it a high score as there is still a lot to be implemented into the client. I hope my feedback is usefull to you riot. _I give it a solid 6/10 for effort. --- Your friend Toxxsii._

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