Does LoL have 0 tolerance over threats from others????

Today I had a game where my team Aatrox was feeding real hard. Probably with a duo in game cuz no one was backing me up so I'm guessing it was a joke so they think its funny. But honestly when people joke around saying your child will die one day when you wake up all and saying "remember these words when your kid asks you for that money." its kinda messed up if i think about it but I don't really mind cuz I ain't worried sht and im still like a kid who probably wont get a wife lol. But I wanted him banned for feeding and saying some weird sht while my teammates didn't mind thats why Im ranting. like I'm not scared but I don't want it to be jinx {{champion:222}} at me cuz im pretty bad luck with stuffs like that. honestly its online so theres a lot of weird sht but those people who threatens people should obliviously be perma banned. im pretty sure some might find it funny for some kiddos cuz thats there humor for sad reasons but its not fun when they feed and threatens for no reason.
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