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I played a game where I got my first penalty in the 4 or 5 years id play. I wouldn't say the punishment is fair, especially given what I said but the chat restriction isn't my concern. I looked online to see if I would get the end of season rewards. The other team wanted to report me because I said “muted” again I don’t think that’s entirely fair, I have played my 10 games chat restricted and have had people say way more severe things about me, teammates, or opponents. I wanted to earn the victorious skin and the fact that I can’t get it on my account now leaves me feeling really cheated. After all the work I have done to be where I am at. I have had people send my real legal name in chat, my address, I have had my account hacked, been booted offline, subject to so many death threats, called racist and homophobic names and yet for me to be punished over wanting to FF after a teammate left just doesn’t seem fair. Now it has interfered with months of hard work to hit season rewards :( Pre Game Lobby: In Game: MIXTAPE is 100: riven left gg [All]MIXTAPE is 100: riven rage quit [All]MIXTAPE is 100: we jsut gonna open [All]MIXTAPE is 100: yea [All]MIXTAPE is 100: idk why MIXTAPE is 100: bot just open MIXTAPE is 100: we cant beat them she rage quit MIXTAPE is 100: amo came mid [All]MIXTAPE is 100: maooki came mid [All]MIXTAPE is 100: bruh just end this i cant 2 v 1 lane [All]MIXTAPE is 100: we legit cant 4 v 5 just end it fast so we can go next [All]MIXTAPE is 100: we cant for 15 mins I cant lane vs this [All]MIXTAPE is 100: toxic riven MIXTAPE is 100: mf we cant im getting bursted why did u guys vote no [All]MIXTAPE is 100: we cant [All]MIXTAPE is 100: we literaly can not [All]MIXTAPE is 100: toxic riven [All]MIXTAPE is 100: dude what can we do dont say that i have a firend who is [All]MIXTAPE is 100: its 4 v 5 and we are all lategame [All]MIXTAPE is 100: who would go top? Dude pls stop spam pinging my head is gonna hurt [All]MIXTAPE is 100: we had nothing cuz they forced [All]MIXTAPE is 100: that was us trying what more can we do [All]MIXTAPE is 100: sure... [All]MIXTAPE is 100: muted [All]MIXTAPE is 100: Are u kididng they havea zed and j4 we dont win late either not without bruiser [All]MIXTAPE is 100: we cant win tho, look at our kills vs theirs and 4 v 5 [All]MIXTAPE is 100: so why waste our time [All]MIXTAPE is 100: because if we stand in fountain its 14 mins vs 30 [All]MIXTAPE is 100: why waste our time tho [All]MIXTAPE is 100: She called them the n word then told me to kys for not healing her [All]MIXTAPE is 100: its a 4 v 5 are u crazy this isnt ranked please lets go next [All]MIXTAPE is 100: this is what they do in korea [All]MIXTAPE is 100: not from lvl 1 [All]MIXTAPE is 100: fine u wanna play this? int us and get us gold [All]MIXTAPE is 100: so we can actualy fight\ [All]MIXTAPE is 100: al;right hten end MIXTAPE is 100: dragon and end [All]MIXTAPE is 100: why do you refuse to ff its a 4 v 5 [All]MIXTAPE is 100: pride?? Its not even ranked [All]MIXTAPE is 100: No! they are 1 shooting us they arent ending because they are trolling us not because its winable [All]MIXTAPE is 100: we didnt quiit we invaded and u didnt come and u tilted the riven who tiled us [All]MIXTAPE is 100: Fam stop my friend has that stop MIXTAPE is 100: WE cant steal Barron! the jungelrs dead jsut defent MIXTAPE is 100: k... again you are being mean for no reason im jsut saying jungle is dead MIXTAPE is 100: steal barron then if you think u can MIXTAPE is 100: yes because he has smite i told u junglers dead dont blame him Post Game Lobby: MIXTAPE is 100: we cpould never ave won that Idk why you flame me for wanting to FF its in the game for a reason MIXTAPE is 100: their mmr was 400 higher and it was 4 v 5 ... you are going to report me because i said "muted" are u 4 real I don’t think 1 game should outweigh 1000 games. I have been playing for years and have had no disciplinary action. I tried to appeal riot pretty much were like sucks to suck kid lmao Crazy because I have spent 100's of $ on their game and have always been honor 3+ Just wanted to post this here for you guys to see... literally from now on just don't talk in-game even if you weren't toxic they can still get you iguess :\

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