FPS Dropping!

Is anyone else having problems with their FPS? Recently my game has been having moments where it freezes for a second and when I come back it shows my FPS dropping and coming back up to normally. This hasn't just happened to me but also my friends that I have played with. I just played a game and my ping would go from 53 (my normal ping) to 200 to 800 to 1000. And my FPS would literally legit drop down to 12-26. I've been having a couples lags here and there but nothing nearly as bad as what I just went through. I have no idea if it had anything to do with that fact I was playing against a Lucian who was wearing the new skin but all I know is I have played other games that have been fine and the one game I have with the new skin, I lag all over the play. I've talked about this before in the past. But I'm getting sick and tired of Riot always focusing on release new champs, reworks, and skins without making sure the game can still run properly. Hopefully they fix it. Normally after some smaller patch my FPS and Ping go back to normal but this is what I've been dealing with as of lately. And before any of you comment. No it's not my internet I have checked it a bunch of times. Everything has been running smoothly except for League.
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