Am I being too dramatic? Because I am deep in my feelings right now.

I have not played league in what feels like forever since I became a dad. The last champ i remember coming out was Zoe. Today my daughter is sleep and I try to update and log in and I am banned. I have been playing since 2012 and today I was banned and or suspended for the 1st time and I haven't even played??? I was accused of using a third party system which I have no idea how you even do. Let alone, why would I want someone to play my game....when I DONT EVEN GET TO PLAY MY GAME!! So all of this I sent in on a ticket, that of course has yet to be answered and I am first world pissed off!! My daughter has awaken and since she is walking now, there will be no league for daddy because it can take up to 42 ****ing hours to hear back. At that time, I will not only be able not to play but I am going to find myself getting re-pissed about this bs from 42 hours prior. Not to mention, I have spent a good deal of coin in this game since 2012 and I be ****ed before I let that just disappear! So I am just over here mad and ranting.
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