Special honors after match

I know that currently there is an honor system in place, I have been around since league first came out of beta. I've seen many other games have the concept that they would get a reward called Mvp (most valuable player) in some games it wasn't even based on your kill performance mostly just on what you did, how you contributed to the team and such. so say you have a Super try hard support, the game already tallies how many wards you have laid, how many wards you've killed, how many objectives, who got those objectives, who assisted in those objectives. But currently there isn't a measure that actually tells your team that you contributed the most, there are people who do Many things over for their team with no actual evidence or appreciation for it, which leads to salty team mates or players. What if league gave a special honor that could contribute to say a tad more exp, or a special border such as the honor borders that happen every so often. where it says Mvp? Granted I haven't thought out the full specifics of this idea but who would enjoy seeing Mvp after their match?
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