why is it ok for riot to cash grab players who have bought passes and have earned points all year

so im so confused on why its ok to take someones prestigous points away from them that they have earned all year, and why is it ok to buy a team pass for your favorite team and watch to earn this skin chroma but yet if you dont buy the skin you cant use it, or is this some electronic arts cash grab off of loyal players, im so lost here not you riot why is this, why treat loyal players with lil schemes like this, idk maybe im wrong doesnt seem right tho players spending money to have to spend more, and then to take away a players progress like that just seems wrong, i asked them about it they responded with you might could get an extension, that now its time for me to go grind some more, idk how to post a screenshot picture in here, but thats what i was told good one riot youve amazed me again with your op logic, like i play enough i dont need you to tell me go grind for more tokens, if i dont get enough to get one of the skins that i lose even more tokens that i already grinded for lol, its one thing you give champion shards and stuff in boxes but this was a purchased item in the belief i was gonna get an item,and to take a players progression is wrong this was the response in this image made me feel real good to kno my daily grind isnt enough https://imgur.com/a/a6dUh5G
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