i was banned for talking shit in a video game

litterally just got honor level 3 then and once dot. then the next game how am i supposed to have fun this game with a teamate like that? im banned for two weeks now. this is the only game i play and spend money on. i was the on banned? cmon wth is this? been playing since season 3 and never been banned. Game 1 Pre-Game MAGA 420: ? MAGA 420: lol have fun dumbas (this guy picks cho adc because i picked thresh top flames me in game after) In-Game MAGA 420: bouta carryr MAGA 420: whats the matter with this guy (he stands in my lane taking cs and xp) MAGA 420: wakes up bitching? (doesnt want to leave my lane) MAGA 420: fuck out bitch MAGA 420: whatever plx report him MAGA 420: u stupid bitch MAGA 420: my xp u jackass just gt bot (go*) MAGA 420: i hate this guy so much MAGA 420: what im fojnng MAGA 420: ???? MAGA 420: u mjust got me kuled llol MAGA 420: u r a piece of shit for even pinging to go in MAGA 420: u meta %%%s MAGA 420: thresh top is ez MAGA 420: lol MAGA 420: yeah im compaling u autistic fuck MAGA 420: u %%% MAGA 420: 4 top MAGA 420: wyd MAGA 420: nj MAGA 420: nj guys (right here im being postive that i can actually do something this game with how far chogath set me back) MAGA 420: so low MAGA 420: yeah id do more dmg but you being a jackass didnt help (flamed for not doing dmg by the guy who griefed me) MAGA 420: li MAGA 420: literally griefing your own team MAGA 420: lol
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