Introducing the AtC Gurus!

We'd like to introduce a new, volunteer-driven program to the Ask the Community sub-board: the ATC Gurus! Gurus are recognized individuals within the Ask the Community sub-board who have demonstrated a knowledge of troubleshooting League of Legends technical issues, answering League of Legends-related questions, and a passion for helping others. Because these are **community members** and not Rioters, they can't answer all questions, but they can help you find resources and show you how to get in contact with Player Support. Look for their special pink and salmon-ish color and icon! ________________ > **Q: I want to help! How can I join the Gurus?** A: We’re always on the lookout for potential Gurus, but we do so with the mentality that actions speak louder than words. If you’d like to wear the badge of a Guru, show us that you can do it by continuing to help answer the questions of your fellow summoners in a friendly and professional manner. We’ll be watching! > **Q: Are the Gurus part of Riot or the Boards Moderation team?** A: No, the Gurus are not Rioters or Boards Moderators, so they won't be able to handle account-related issues and some Boards-related requests, although they will be able to direct you to the appropriate resources. \*\* Program details are still subject to change
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