Banned for buzz words auto banning system.

So i've been abused in games verbally quite a lot and 9/10 times i dont get a notification saying the person was penalizied. But just to test something i did this: I a gay male used that word without being aggressive or intentfully harmful to any player. Just threw it out there. This is also behavior in one game. I'm not really mad, just be careful the banning system is extremely trigger happy it seems. Although it's weird because i've seen people use the N word and F word before but they were never banned. Yes I reported them, not only did they use it they were being especially toxic throughout the game. Of course the Riot employee via chat refused any possibility of un-banning. > Just Love DudesYour system needs to be reworked. Check the chat log of my last game and i was INSTA banned. First of all this was only 1 game. Second of all it was purely to test how stupid this system is. It appears the auto banning without any actual review isn't working for you guys. I've also reported people for saying %%%%%% and they got no punishment. Even the word N*** gets no punishment. But i, a gay man. Says "Hey %%%%%%s, what's up" and im instantly banned?? I'm confused. Your system needs help, that or riot is blatantly racist as a company. Chat started Chef Derp joined the chat Chef Derphey there Just Love DudesHello ^.^ Chef Derphows your day Just Love DudesPretty good actually How is yours Chef Derpim good, thanks for asking~ account got suspended? 😕 Just Love DudesYup Instantly For using the word %%%%%%s or %%%%%% Chef Derpalrighty, well I'll go ahead and pull up your account and take a look Just Love DudesCheck the log Chef Derpohhh Just Love DudesI wasnt being aggro with it look at it lol Wasnt even toxic in any form Chef Derpwell.... I understand where you're coming from but I don't have the greatest news... it looks like you know how our system works Just Love DudesLOL it's okay Chef Derpbut still used the words... 😕 Just Love DudesIll just go to reddit with it I love how i've reported people using it and they werent banned Also the N word But im getting punished Like im really confused Chef Derpthe penalty is the same for racial slurs any slur in general Just Love DudesBut it's never happend Your system is flawed Chef DerpI can confirm that players get penalized for it Just Love DudesI can confirm that not in all cases they do not So again im confused Chef Derpwell yah the system isn't perfect and we shouldn't pretend that it is -- but that's why players should report so that we know to look into them Just Love DudesSo is this just gonna be a actual two week ban for no reason Literally 0 reason and 9/10 the people who reported it were not offended by it. Just wanted to report Chef Derpwell it wouldn't be for no reason because the account used those slurs so the penalty was justly placed Just Love DudesSo basically yes for no reason Chef Derpyou can't say that for others -- homophobic slurs are known to be very offensive Just Love DudesI find that statement hilarious Since i am a homosexual
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