Pick order for 5 man premades

I play a lot of 5 man premades with the same people over and over. And every single time I play with them I'm first pick, this has been going on for months and its super annoying. Nobody wants to first pick and its not distributed among the players. I might add that it has nothing to do with team "captain" or anything to do with the order we join the lobby, I might be the second person in or the fifth person in and every single time I'm first pick. It does not matter what role I choose or anything like that. Its player specific. I have searched for it, and all I can find is someone from riot support saying this is not a feature, but there was no explanation or follow up. Tell us why it is this way at the least, what does it look for when deciding pick order? Personally I really hate this, as I'm constantly first pick. make it random, or have the players roll though from first to last pick. But at the least tell me why, I cant find anything on it.

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