Cant Support Submit Ticket, or even login to their support portal.

How is it that one of the most important functions for a business, (connection with customer support) has seemingly been buggy for nearly 3 years with the same problems? I cannot login to the support side of their site. Like I can be logged in, get email verification on the normal side of their site. The second I go over to their support pages, it auto logs me out, and I cannot even begin the submission process, because to even select the issue category it requires account verification to proceed. What happens when I try to login [HERE]( I get redirected to their [login error page]( I have been [GOOGLING]( and [THE RESULTS ARE ANCIENT](! Maybe im missing something... I have tried to login through Chrome, Chrome Incognito, Chromium, Chromium Incognito, Opera, Opera Incognito, and even MFking IExplorer, which doesnt even work on that part of the site. Wiped my cookies, and cache, the whole 9 yards. Nobody should be expected to jump through these hoops to contact a business to get some sort of support. Tried to reach out on twitter, and now on this board too. Maybe someone will see this, eventually... Eventually so I can then finally start to SUBMIT MY TICKET in the first place. Can anyone even submit a ticket tbh...?
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