Interesting Historical Project

So, with the announcement of Showdown mode coming back to customs, there's been some controversy over the old gamemode's reinstatement. I have played this game for a really, REALLY long I remember when riot removed the mode a lot of skepticism, support, and outrage (despite them only instating it as an LTO Snowdown mode to begin with) from the community at the's all buried balls deep in the old forum archives, but The Players Deserve to Know. Unless someone really wants to help me dig through all of the archives for Snowdown Showdown threads, can I get some of the older players who took part to give their two cents on the gamemode? Their opinions of it while it was active, how they felt the community received it...stuff like that? And of course, how you feel about it returning to custom modes now. Thank you all in advance. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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