This is why I am losing faith in League.

Now I have never claimed to be a pro at League of Legends.. But the other day I was queued up with 3 people who were partied up together and ganged up on me because I gave a midlane {{champion:25}} feedback. The way it all started is I went to gank her lane (as Lee Sin) and was taunted by their {{champion:33}} (ik it says root. bare with me). So she got mad and I said "**** Root" as in I was stuck, and im sorry. Then she kept attacking {{champion:103}} when her charm was up.. So I said "Dont attack Ahri when she has her E" or whatever.. IMMEDIATELY, all 3 in that queue ganged up on me, with Morgana saying "I main Ahri, shut the **** up" and then Karma bottom lane telling me i suck and all that... Here is the chat messages that I got chat restricted for.. Game 1 **In-Game** ReesedPiece: comin bot next ReesedPiece: oof ReesedPiece: Drag ReesedPiece: fkin root ReesedPiece: i got rooted ReesedPiece: Morgana.. never attack Ahri when she has her E up ReesedPiece: lol ReesedPiece: Cant take feedback ReesedPiece: id expect someone who mained her to know wtf theyre doing ReesedPiece: 1/4 ReesedPiece: im js ReesedPiece: when someone with the lowest kd on the team wont take feedback ReesedPiece: like really? ReesedPiece: dont help the losing lane ReesedPiece: Just gives her more kills ReesedPiece: helping us all in the long run ReesedPiece: Ahri is gonna carry them ReesedPiece: Because they were grabbing the rift ReesedPiece: im way behind because i keep ganking lol ReesedPiece: They would have gotten the rift herald anyway? ReesedPiece: that wasnt my fault lol ReesedPiece: midlane fed ReesedPiece: Botlane is pushing wish is fine ReesedPiece: And i am catching up. Im behind cause i ganked ReesedPiece: LMFAO ReesedPiece: When your entire team blames you for everything ReesedPiece: Ornn asked a fucking question! ReesedPiece: And i answered ReesedPiece: Defending you guys ReesedPiece: and youre complaining? ReesedPiece: Youre all so fucking dense ReesedPiece: Just play the game ReesedPiece: 1/5 ReesedPiece: stfu ReesedPiece: I did my job. I ganked. OVer.. and over ReesedPiece: and over ReesedPiece: Morg u dont gank the losing lane ReesedPiece: i didnt even do anytihng ReesedPiece: I ganked ReesedPiece: told morg to stop attacking ahri with E up ReesedPiece: and she lost hershit ReesedPiece: im 4/4 ReesedPiece: And Varus has 8 deaths ReesedPiece: I fed? ReesedPiece: Stfu ReesedPiece: holy fuck ReesedPiece: My team is saying I fed Pyke :3 ReesedPiece: Wekll your husband is the only one that seems to know how to play a bit ReesedPiece: Not u ReesedPiece: you got butthurt because i gave morgana feedback ReesedPiece: So chill out ReesedPiece: I TOLD YOU TO NOT ATTACK AHRI WITH HER E UP ReesedPiece: And you go "STFU I MAIN AHRI" ReesedPiece: Youre a brat ReesedPiece: Holy fuck ReesedPiece: VARUS STFU ReesedPiece: HE CANT UPGRADE ReesedPiece: ok ReesedPiece: oh my god ReesedPiece: Varus just called Ornn a %%%%%% ReesedPiece: 101/10 ReesedPiece: I screesnhot ReesedPiece: Did you like all queue together? ReesedPiece: of course ReesedPiece: Gg guys ReesedPiece: Report Morg, and Varus **Post-Game** ReesedPiece: an op ReesedPiece: ? ReesedPiece: Heres what happened ReesedPiece: I said "Morgana. Dont attack Ahri with her E up ReesedPiece: Her response ReesedPiece: "STFU. I MAIN AHRI" ReesedPiece: Ornn had a brain ReesedPiece: Ty Ornn ReesedPiece: For being sane ReesedPiece: Please report the 3 in the same group ReesedPiece: Idek what happenedI ReesedPiece: I gave feedback and they fucking lost it ReesedPiece: All ganged up on me ReesedPiece: Except ornn ReesedPiece: Pyke was op I have been playing League for a long time, pretty casually. But I am tired of watching people get reported, restricted, or banned for either calling out trolls or because they were ganged up on by a group in queue together... Did I mouth off? Yes. But this was AFTER I was repeatedly attacked by the three, (which idk how to pull up full in-game chat logs). Varus wasn't banned for saying the N-word? Correct? But I was banned for repeating what he said, and for defending myself from a party? Its just depressing.

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